Bride completely changed the decor three weeks out

Dear Gregory,Im doing a medium scale Wedding for my Bride and she has completely changed the entire Wedding decor just 3 weeks out, i’m really not sure how to handle this at all and explain to her about my time lost, what would you suggest?  

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Wedding Ideas - Stunning Bouquet

Stunning Bouquet

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Hi Greg,I just got engaged and am looking at getting my wedding planned, there is so many elements to think about. I was wondering are entrances important to a wedding? Have you seen weddings done with or without? What works best? Hi Annabella, From my experience an entrance is a vital part of any event […]

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Is there a polite way to ask for a cash gift for my wedding?

There’s no shame in wanting something specific on your wedding day. If you prefer paper to pots and pans, let your made of honor and best-man know. When there are questions about registry, they can mention that you would prefer a cash gift.

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Hi Gregory I’m getting married in Indonesia and need a WOW factor at the end of the reception?

In Indonesia you can get away with lighting up floating candles i think value for money i would let 1000s of theses go in the air there’s material that’s enviro friendly use.

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